Windows 2003 Password Tips

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Windows 2003 has a very aggressive password policy in place (well, sort of). Most websites that spout password tips typically list the first 4 of the following groups of character classes as options for a strong password. Many do not realize that you can also use Unicode Characters in the password. Windows 2003 passwords can… Read more »

MySQL Performance Tip #1: Query Cache

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This tip can be done in either Windows or Linux. In Windows using the MySQL Administrator go into the Health Tab and then the Performance Tab. Look at the key_reads and key_read_requests numbers. The ratio of key_reads to key_read_requests should be above 1:100 if you can spare the memory. It should be no lower than… Read more »

Setting Processor Affinity Permanently

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The post below talks about processor affinity and setting IIS to use only one processor to increase stability of certain applications (PHP ISAPI anyone?). You can set the affinity by opening Task Manager and selecting w3svc.exe or inetinfo.exe on the Processes tab. Right click and choose Set Affinity. Uncheck the processors which should not execute… Read more »

WordPress 2.1.x – 2.2 Breaks PHP 4.4.4

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While I was trying to find a content management system for a section of World’s Cutest Animals I decided to try WordPress 2 instead of programming my own (I’m lazy sometimes). When I installed WordPress 2.1.x it was working fine until midday when requests for the page spiked as usual. It was the dreaded PHP… Read more »