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In my relentless efforts to squash the ever increasing spam problem within our organization, I have added ORF Enterprise Anti-Spam by Vamsoft to our anti-spam arsenal.

ORF is not meant for Exchange Server only, it binds to any SMTP server and filters before/after arrival of messages. It seems any Exchange Server specific anti-spam product is much more expensive than it has to be. Perhaps it is because the cost of Exchange Server implies the owner has the money to buy an expensive anti-spam product? Maybe.

To the side are the stats from a typical day. 68% of all email received and tested is spam. By far the most effective feature is the DNS blacklist.

Name Spam %
SpamCop 18%
CBL Composite Blocking List 29%
Spamhaus SBL+XBL (Combined) 19%
Distributed Server Boycott List (Single) 4% China and Korea combined networks 6%
Not Just Another Bogus List (NJABL) 18%
Open Relay Database < 1%
SORBS Combined List 25%
Abusive Host Blocking List (AHBL) 2%
Spamhaus SBL (Spam Block List) 1% Korea network 5%
FiveTen Blackhole List 30% China network 6%
Spamhaus XBL (Exploits Block List) 25%
Passive Spam Block List 21% 3%
No-more-funn 28%
Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor List Combined 1%
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