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Ever notice when you are shutting down a server that has Exchange Server running, it takes ~15 minutes? Exchange server relies on Active Directory and therefore DSAccess to provide a cache of AD information. When the server shuts down, LSAS is stopped before DSAccess can shut down cleanly and goes into a timeout mode, which is 10 minutes by default. Other processes experience similar timeouts when they are not shut down cleanly or in an effecient order. The quickest way to get around this is to create a .bat file to shut down the Exchange processes and run it before you shut down the server. Open up a text editor, put in the following code and save it as “shutdown.bat” – Doubleclick it before you shutdown. This will cut shutdown time to a few minutes or less.

net stop MSExchangeES /yes
net stop MSExchangeIS /yes
net stop MSExchangeMTA /yes
net stop MSExchangeSA /yes
net stop iisadmin /yes
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