Print Directory Listing in Windows

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This is a useful little tip if you wish to print a list of files in a directory. To print directly, type the following at the command line: C:\>dir c:\dirname /b To print to a text file, type the following at the command line: dir c:\dirname /b > filename.txt To print a list including subdirectories,… Read more »

vBulletin / Photopost and MySQL 5

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On a few sites I run I have vBulletin and / or Photopost installed. Upgrading from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5 is simple because these programs are 100% compatible with both (as they should be). Except for one issue. When installing MySQL 5 it defaults to asking to be installed in “Strict Mode” which is… Read more »

Resolve Exchange Server 2000 Error: 80004005

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This error in the Exchange System Manager is a generic MAPI error code, but not necessarily a MAPI error. Unfortunately there is no clear cut cause to this error, but performing the following steps should fix the problem. Check the version number of w3svc.dll on your Exchange 2000 Server. It should be 5.0.2195.1600. A higher… Read more »

Windows: Scheduling Tasks via Command Line

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I put together some information on creating scheduled tasks in Windows. This will actually be very useful for Windows 2008 Core, which only has the command line (great for performance!) So it’s time brush up on your command line skills. To create a scheduled task via the command line, the command takes the following form:… Read more »