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This error in the Exchange System Manager is a generic MAPI error code, but not necessarily a MAPI error.

Unfortunately there is no clear cut cause to this error, but performing the following steps should fix the problem.

  1. Check the version number of w3svc.dll on your Exchange 2000 Server. It should be 5.0.2195.1600. A higher version of this dll was used in a post Windows 2000 SP1 hot fix, but broke PF in Exchange Manager. The easiest solution is to copy the w3svc.dll file from the Windows 2000 SP1 CD.
  2. You may also try the following:
    Open IIS Admin Manager, Expand “Default Website” or whichever website Exadmin is under. Right-click and select properties of Exadmin. Go to the Directory Security Tab. Click Edit under “Anonymous Access and Authentication Control.” Check “Integrated Windows Authentication.”
  3. Also check to see if the Exadmin directory is set to use only SSL. This has been known to cause the error as well.
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