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When you install Windows Server (Longhorn) 2008, if you wish to connect to the internet through a wireless card you need to perform a few steps first.

The server is completely locked down when installed, which is good for servers, but bad for ease of use.

Open up Windows Firewall -> Select Exceptions Tab -> Select Network Discovery. Click OK.

This will allow Windows to discover networks that you are connected to. This is important for connecting to the internet.

Open up Control Panel -> Go to Network and Sharing Center -> Under Sharing and Discovery click Network Discovery -> Click Turn on network discovery -> Click Apply.

Now you should be able to connect to a workgroup / wireless router.

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One Response to “Enabling Internet on fresh Windows Server 2008 install”

  1. Chris Ulrich

    Great tip. The problem isn’t just limited to wireless. I had the same issue with our wired network and spent a few hours looking for this answer. Worked like a charm.



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