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On Thursday Microsoft announced that it would extend sales of Windows XP SP2 OEM and Retail discs by 5 months. As previously discussed on IIS Hacks, Microsoft planned to halt sales by January 30th 2008. The new date will now be June 30th 2008. Typically Microsoft sells previous systems for 2 years after a new one is introduced, so June 30th 2008 will still put it 7 months behind the norm. Because of the massive market penetration XP had compared to Windows 2000, Windows 98, etc, this backlash by users is expected. Windows XP was the operating system of choice for 5 years, which was significantly longer than any other in MS history. Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT 3.51/4, Me, 2000 were all separated by fewer years than the Windows XP to Windows Vista transformation. Because of this significant time period that XP has had to grow on users, they are less willing to give up the familiarity of the system in favour of something new. While Vista is very similar to XP, its differences are enough to scare the beginner or even novice user from adopting. If anything, Windows XP should be sold for a longer period than previous systems because of this massive user base. The Windows XP Starter edition being sold in emerging markets will continue to be sold until June 20th 2010, 2 years and 5 months longer than previously scheduled. Long live Windows XP.

Source: Reuters

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