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A few people have asked how to get the new features found in Windows Server 2003 R2 onto their Server 2003 SP1 install. The good news is you only need the second disc included in the R2 package (and the CD Key).

  1. Insert the 2nd R2 CD-ROM into the disk drive.
  2. R2auto.exe will start and display the “Continue Setup” screen.
  3. If installing on a domain controller, you must update the schema. Do this by running the ADPREP utility. If you aren’t on a domain controller, skip to step 8.
  4. Before running ADPREP, be sure all Windows 2000 domain controllers in the forest have been upgraded to at least Windows 2000 SP1 with QFE 265089 or Windows 2000 SP2.
  5. Run “CDDRIVELETTER:\CMPNENTS\R2\ADPREP\adprep /forestprep” at the command screen.
  6. Type “C” to continue. Pressing any other key will quit.
  7. The command window will display “Adprep successfully updated the forest-wide information.” Once this has been completed you may proceed with installing the R2 enhancements.
  8. Click the “Continue Windows Server 2003 R2 Setup” button.
  9. You will be prompted to enter an R2 CD Key. The license key type must match the underlying OS type. This means if you have a volume license key for SP1, the R2 disc key must also be a volume license key. You cannot install from an R2 volume license disc if you originally installed Windows from a retail license disc.
  10. Once the setup is complete you will have access to the R2 enhancements.
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