MySQL has a sense of Humor (old)

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I was browsing around the MySQL bug section posting some bugs and looking for old ones that have been solved. I came across bug #2: Does not make Toast I guess it’s funny in that nerdy way. So this begs the question: When will computers control toasters and other kitchen appliances? There are fridges with… Read more »

Outlook Error 0x80040154

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If you have received outlook error 0x80040154 you may have a big problem. This is one of those generic “no one knows” or “has a thousand fixes-and none work for you” errors. In outlook it comes up as “unknown error” which is very frustrating. Files that were once registered become unregistered or something in the… Read more »

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Tab Shortcuts

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This is stolen right from MS: Keyboard shortcuts Open links in a new tab in the background CTRL+click Open links in a new tab in the foreground CTRL+SHIFT+click Open a new tab in the foreground CTRL+T Open a new tab from the Address bar ALT+ENTER Open a new tab from the search box ALT+ENTER Open… Read more »