Outlook Print Margins Cut Off

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Many people have reported left (or other) margins being cut-off when printing HTML messages from Outlook XP / 2003. Changing the page setup in Outlook proves useless because HTML messages are not printed by Outlook itself – it uses IE’s print settings to print. So if your margins are off you must change them within… Read more »

Find Duplicate Records and the Number of Duplicates in SQL (MySQL)

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I have found the need to account for duplicates and the number of duplicates in many databases. I’ve come across many people who have a minimal understanding of SQL and create wild php scripts to find duplicates, when really all that is needed is a single SQL statement. select COLUMN, count(COLUMN) as cnt from TABLE… Read more »

How to Configure a Shared Printer as LPT1/LPT2 in DOS

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DOS and Windows allocate resources and use printers differently, so having a shared printer on LPT1/LPT2 in Windows may not work as LPT1/LPT2 in DOS. Click “Start”, then “Run”, and type: cmd Press OK. At the command prompt type: net use LPT# \\COMPNAME\PRINTER\ /persistent:yes Where # is 1 or 2, COMPNAME is the name of… Read more »

DOS Windows only Half Screen in Windows XP

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With Windows XP many DOS programs only display in the top half of the screen when run in full screen mode. Follow the steps below to have the DOS window display properly. When in the DOS program full screen, press ALT-ENTER. Right-Click on the title bar of the DOS window and select properties. Click the… Read more »