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With Windows XP many DOS programs only display in the top half of the screen when run in full screen mode. Follow the steps below to have the DOS window display properly.

  1. When in the DOS program full screen, press ALT-ENTER.
  2. Right-Click on the title bar of the DOS window and select properties.
  3. Click the layout tab and change the height of the screen buffer and window size to 25.
  4. Click the screen tab and select Full Screen and click OK.
  5. A dialog box will pop-up and ask to “save properties for future windows with same title” select this and click OK.
  6. Enjoy!
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13 Responses to “DOS Windows only Half Screen in Windows XP”

  1. Lee Van Burkleo

    Thanks for sharing this fix which worked great. This had been driving me crazy.

  2. Fred

    Thanks. This works well for old dos applications that have a fixed width or height.

  3. Tibor Kispal

    Played around with settings for 1 1/2 hrs w/o result, then found this post in 2 mins. Thanx a lot!:-))))

  4. Gary

    Thank you, In order to use a new HP printer, I had to upgrade to Windows XP.
    That meant transferring a lot of data and a dos property management program
    that would only run small screen until your help – Thanks again.

  5. icday

    Thank you!! fast and easy, yeah :)))

    Any ideas on how to network an old DOS program. I believe that it is already written into the software but needs a code to be activated??

  6. -Dick

    Thanks for a simple clear solution to a problem that effects many old but expensive to replace DOS programs.

    Looks like 5 stars to me!!


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