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DOS and Windows allocate resources and use printers differently, so having a shared printer on LPT1/LPT2 in Windows may not work as LPT1/LPT2 in DOS.

  1. Click “Start”, then “Run”, and type: cmd
  2. Press OK.
  3. At the command prompt type:
net use LPT# \\COMPNAME\PRINTER\ /persistent:yes

Where # is 1 or 2, COMPNAME is the name of the computer the printer is connected to, and PRINTER is the shared name of the printer (Pre-Windows 2000 name).


net use LPT1 \\Chris-Serv\HP2200 /persistent:yes

To delete the printer type:

net use LPT# /delete
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One Response to “How to Configure a Shared Printer as LPT1/LPT2 in DOS”

  1. Chris

    This also works with USB printers.

    You can also use an IP Address of the computer instead of computer name, ex: net use LPT1 \\\HP2200


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