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U.S. information security company Cyber-Ark surveyed 300 senior IT professionals, and found that one-third admitted to secretly snooping, while 47 percent said they had accessed information that was not relevant to their role.

I’ll be honest…and I’m sure no one will believe me, but I have not snooped on anyone in my organization on purpose, but I have come across privileged information by accident. I do believe the 33% that said they snooped did not look at anything overly sensitive. I would hope 1/3 of IT staff are not that dishonest.

What would you do if one of your superiors asked to keep logs / screenshots of everything you did, so as to be sure you didn’t abuse your power?

How many IT admins have access to their superior’s confidential files and emails?

How many IT admins would hold their company ransom for a raise? threaten to quit? How many have hindered their company’s network when they quit or were fired?

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One Response to “Are IT Admins Snoops?”

  1. techie

    just look at what happened with Terry Childs!!
    (cisco net admin for the city of San Fran, CA)


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