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With a fresh install of Windows 2003 on the Intel SE7221BA1-E server board, no default graphics driver is loaded. This causes an “out of range” message to appear on most monitors after the LOAD screen finishes, when the logon screen is supposed to appear.

The solution is to press F8 when the server loads up and either enter SAFE MODE or VGA MODE.

Then install the Intel Chipset drivers found here and the Intel Graphics drivers found here.

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4 Responses to “Intel Board SE7221BA1-E Signal “Out of Range” with fresh Windows 2003 Install”

  1. admin_papa

    Hello Everybody

    Just wanted to share my new experience.

    If your Windows XP denies to start due to an error related to lost HAL.DLL, invalid Boot.ini or any other critical system boot files you can repair this by using the XP installation CD. Just boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console. Then launch “attrib -H -R -S” on the C:\Boot.ini file and remove it. Run “Bootcfg /Rebuild” and then Fixboot


  2. brocky

    i have found this also with the VGA device on motherborad MSI 945GM3 v1.0. will try solution now, as safe mode does work


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