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I got a couple of nasty emails yesterday calling me a Microsoft fanboy, and that I should switch to Linux.

My comments were aimed at WordPress’ extremely slow and inefficient templating system. I was also making a JAB at Microsoft. A few people failed to realize I was making light of the fact that IIS is considered inferior.

I work with both Windows and Linux. Linux works well, but unfortunately in a business environment, most boxes are windows. My website focuses on IIS and Windows because that IS the most frustrating part of my day.

I AM a big fan of Linux, and I do use it where it is necessary. But when someone asks why I don’t run certain servers on Linux, I say “exchange doesn’t run on linux.”  Not to mention all the industry specific software I NEED to run.

I’ve tried Open-Xchange ( and unfortunately it hasn’t matured to the level where it can replace Exchange Server. It too, is not free. It’s a bit cheaper than Exchange Server, but that won’t convince a company to switch from Exchange Server.

Part of management decisions to implement a certain infrastructure over another is: cost, ease of use, and disaster recovery.

When dealing with cost, Linux is usually cheaper in the long run, but not always. Even though you can download and install most distros of Linux for free, knowing how to use them, or getting someone that knows how to use them costs money. Linux admins (in my area) make more than Windows admins.

Ease of use is directly related to the skill of the IT department and workforce in your company. I can bet Windows will be “easier to use” than Linux. Sorry, but for the desktop, it’s just not there.

For disaster recovery, it’s a mixed bag. You’ll obviously find whatever you’re using to be easiest. So what about a different disaster: You’re the only IT person, and you die in a car accident. Your servers are running Slackware, and no one knows how to use them. You go to the local IT companies and most only know Windows, or have only dabbled in a bit of Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian. ?

I started off in computers running Slackware. I’m 25. I couldn’t afford Windows 3.1 back then. I still use Slackware on an old machine to have fun. But it’s 90% Windows and 10% Redhat that gets my paycheck signed. Heck, let’s all use FreeBSD.

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One Response to “Liking Windows is bad, you should like Linux more”

  1. jeffd

    I totally agree. I am a linux user and all, but there are certain things (like exchange) that we just can’t replace with open source in my company. We do have several Redhat and CentOS servers, but Exchange and it’s integration (mobile devices) is just irreplaceable at the time.

    The learning curve would be too huge for us to replace our end user workstations with linux machines. Half of our IT department has never even used or seen desktop linux before.


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