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If you’re tired of the blue screen of death, why not spice things up with the “red screen of death”, or the “bright magenta screen of death”? The following instructions will change the dreaded BSoD to any of the colors listed.

1. Click Start -> Run -> Type C:\Windows\System.ini into the run box and press enter.

2. Under the [386enh] section in the file add “MessageBackColor=” and “MessageTextColor=” if not present. Give each a value:

          0 = black
          1 = blue
          2 = green
          3 = cyan
          4 = red
          5 = magenta
          6 = yellow/brown
          7 = white
          8 = gray
          9 = bright blue
          A = bright green
          B = bright cyan
          C = bright red
          D = bright magenta
          E = bright yellow
          F = bright white

3. Save the file and restart the computer.

The screenshot below shows the standard BSoD colors in the system.ini file.

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