Converting MySQL tables from Latin1 to UTF8

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Many content management systems and forums were originally created using the latin1 character set and the latin1_swedish_ci collation in MySQL. The problem many of these systems are facing today is the growing demand for multi-language content using special characters that cannot be accurately represented in the latin1 character set. This is where utf8 comes in…. Read more »

Are people the weak point in IT security?

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Some time ago a co-worker had mentioned someone had been rummaging through her files on her computer. She had expressed some concern over the situation as the files in question were pertaining to a terminated employee. I nodded in sympathy and asked her the following questions: When did this happen? Her response: After she had… Read more »

Malwarebytes Atapi.sys and Registry False Positives

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Last night Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware program detected a false positive of the Atapi.sys driver and associated registry keys. As you may know, Atapi.sys is required by the storage system in Windows, and as such deleting it will render the system unbootable. If you have the reboot on error checked in your system properties, your system will… Read more »

Remove X-Powered-By: ASP.NET HTTP Response Header

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Quite a few people have asked how to remove the default HTTP Response Headers of IIS6 and IIS7. It’s very easy, actually. You can have some fun with it too (bottom). Remove, Edit or Add HTTP Response Headers in Windows 2003 IIS6 Open the IIS Management Console. Right-click on “Websites” and select “Properties.” Click on the “HTTP Headers”… Read more »

Block IP Addresses using IP Security Policy in Windows Server 2003

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Most System Administrators use a hardware firewall to block IP addresses from accessing their network. Co-located servers do not always have the advantage of utilizing a hardware firewall. Software firewalls can often be expensive. As you may already know, Windows 2003 lets administrators control IP access from the configuration panels in SMTP and IIS, among… Read more »