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This past week I’ve been busy battling 29 different IP addresses that have been attacking a server that I maintain.

In my effort to rid the world of this behaviour, I recorded the IP addresses, found out as much information as possible, and then blocked them.

Locations of the IP addresses:

  • 12 – China
  • 9 - United States
  • 5 – Canada
  • 1 – Netherlands
  • 1 – Vietnam
  • 1 – Japan

Compromised Operating System:

  • 29 – Windows 2003

Compromised Web Server:

  • 29 – IIS 6

Percentage without a Firewall:

  • 100%

Twelve of the IP addresses were associated with specific companies running their own dedicated server for email, ftp or a website. I decided to call or email each company to let them know their server was compromised. Most were grateful that someone took the time to notify them. By the end of the week, 8 of these servers were considerably more secure! One of the companies I called was a Canadian computer store. The person I talked to had mentioned their server was slow and bandwidth usage was high for about a week.

These servers were compromised through poor security practices. Many did not have a firewall due to co-location requirements, and others did not have a firewall due to email and ftp not working properly when it was enabled. Clearly they did not know how to properly configure a firewall to let DNS, SMTP, POP3 and Passive FTP in/out.

I find one of the biggest problems with Windows is that it is too easy to set up and administer at a basic level. Because of its ease of use, the technical knowledge of the person setting it up doesn’t need to exceed that of a typical desktop user. They fail to take into consideration items such as security, assuming the operating system takes care of it.

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