Removing the VMWare Server SSL Certificate Trust Warning

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When you first install VMWare Server, you’ll find the administration area in Firefox or Internet Explorer has a security certificate error. This is because the certificate that ships with VMWare is self-signed (untrusted). One solution is to use a trusted certificate from a third party (Verisign, GoDaddy, etc) but that has costs associated with it… Read more »

VMWare Server Console on Firefox 3.6

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I just found out the hard way that VMWare Server 2.0′s Console plug-in does not work with Firefox 3.6. Perhaps in the future VMWare will release a compatible plugin, but for now the fix is to use the console plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.5x or use VMWare Player 3.0. The following error is what comes up in… Read more »

.CO TLD available for pre-register

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I know many people are server admins for large companies that may be interested in this. The .CO TLD has been opened up for pre-registration for non-Columbians. Godaddy and other registrars are trying to convince people this is the next big TLD – associating .CO with COmpany or COrporation or COmmerce. The sad thing is,… Read more »

Add Defragment to the Shell menu in Windows 7 / Vista

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I find adding common tasks to the shell menu a great timesaver when I am running between stations. It is also easier to direct users to simply “right-click” on something rather than walk them through a maze of menus…or even have them find the “run” box. Click Start -> type “regedit” in the Search command… Read more »

CHM / HTML Help feature cannot be displayed in some programs

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Although this particular problem has been around for some time, I am surprised at how many times I am asked about the solution. Many programs use an HTML help system that requires Internet Explorer and ActiveX to run (CHM – Compiled HTML Help). After security updates 896358 and 890175, some HTML content outside of the “local… Read more »