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I just found out the hard way that VMWare Server 2.0′s Console plug-in does not work with Firefox 3.6.

Perhaps in the future VMWare will release a compatible plugin, but for now the fix is to use the console plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.5x or use VMWare Player 3.0.

The following error is what comes up in Firefox 3.6 or any other unsupported browser.

VMWare on Firefox 3.6

“Cannot access virtual machine console. The request timed out. The attempt to acquire a valid session ticket for MACHINE_NAME took longer than expected. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.”

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  1. mstrdigi

    I have workaround for this problem.
    Install the vmware plugin.
    ~/.mozilla/firefox/[your profile].default/extensions/
    make vmware-vmrc executable
    goto ./bin
    make all file executable
    goto ./lib
    make executable
    check vmware-vmrc for missing libraries (ldd vmware-vmrc)
    all the missing libs can be found in ./lib

    I copied the plugin dir to /usr/local/vmware
    an put the missing libraries in the library path, dirty workaround but works for me/

    • Dan

      Hello mstrdigi,

      It seems that you have the answer to the problem, but I am so far unable to make your solution work. Would you mind discussing it with me further?

      I followed your directions up to copying the plugin dir to /usr/local/vmware. I had no vmware dir on my machine, so I created it. Then I copied the dir. Now I am in the following state:

      If I copy the plugins dir to /usr/local/vmware then my virtual machine no longer start. They progress to 95%, hang, then fail (some timeout kicks in I suppose).

      If I move /usr/local/vmware out of the way and reboot my host (seems to be a necessary step; restarting vmware doesn’t clear the problem) then I am able to start and stop VMs as before, but of course cannot access consoles. This is the same state I was in before I began trying to apply your fix.




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