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I’ve been using Jolicloud ( Linux on my T91MT for about a month now, mostly as a “coffee-table” computer. Jolicloud 1.0 is built on Ubuntu 9.04.

As it turns out, when trying to install Jolicloud 1.0 on an Asus T91MT (with the infamous GMA500), Xorg crashes due to the graphical installer.

Although Jolicloud has built-in support for the GMA500, it will not allow the T91 into the graphical installer. It will boot into the standard LiveCD options list, but when you choose “Install Jolicloud,” an error will display similar to: “X server exited with return code 1″ – not allowing you to go any further. I’ve heard of this happening on other netbooks as well.

Below is the easiest method to get Jolicloud to install:

When at the options screen to boot into a LiveCD or Install, press “F6” for boot options and type:


This will allow Jolicloud to install using the graphical interface in VESA mode. When Jolicloud has been installed, you’ll need to remove “xforcevesa” from the grub configuration file to get the full resolution of your netbook.

From the terminal (shortcut: ALT-F1), type:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Inside you’ll see a line similar to:

/boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sda1 ro xforcevesa quiet splash

Remove xforcevesa from the line and save the file. There will be another line with xforcevesa in it, under the title: “recovery mode” - do not touch this line.

You will also need to go into the terminal and reconfigure Xorg to use the already installed GMA500 drivers.

From the terminal, type:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Follow the prompts, and when finished restart your computer. Your native resolution should be in use.

Here’s a more detailed hands-on review of Jolicloud at Ars:

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