Windows 7 Desktop Icons and Shortcuts Disappearing

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So your desktop shortcuts are missing? If they are all missing, chances are they might have been deleted or somehow, either you or a program, has disabled desktop icons. See Method 1 below. If some of your icons look funny, are missing thumbnails, or the desktop doesn’t “refresh” when you’ve placed new items on it,… Read more »

Reduce Windows 7 WinSxS Folder Size

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With Windows Vista, the WinSxS folder was able to be cleaned up via a third party tool (WinSxS Lite here – Vista only!). With the initial release of Windows 7, we lost that capability – but it has since returned with Service Pack 1. The WinSxS folder is used to store install and uninstall files,… Read more »

Installing Jolicloud on an Asus T91 or T91MT

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I’ve been using Jolicloud ( Linux on my T91MT for about a month now, mostly as a “coffee-table” computer. Jolicloud 1.0 is built on Ubuntu 9.04. As it turns out, when trying to install Jolicloud 1.0 on an Asus T91MT (with the infamous GMA500), Xorg crashes due to the graphical installer. Although Jolicloud has built-in… Read more »

Configure Exchange 2010 to send external emails

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Here are updated instructions if you are looking for Exchange 2013:¬† So you can’t send email from a fresh install of Exchange 2010? Unlike Exchange 2003, Exchange 2010 cannot send emails to external domains out-of-the-box. This feature needs to be enabled through the use of an external send connector. By default, no send connectors are… Read more »