Spamhaus Spam List Update

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Looks like Spamhaus SBL+XBL has become Spamhaus Zen. I have already switched my spam filter over to the new list and I must say, it is much more effective. Before I was averaging 19%-22% spam from Spamhaus SBL+XBL, and with Zen I am getting 29% spam rate, with only a few minor false positives. Spamhaus… Read more »

Exchange Server 2003 Spam Filtering

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In my relentless efforts to squash the ever increasing spam problem within our organization, I have added ORF Enterprise Anti-Spam by Vamsoft to our anti-spam arsenal. ORF is not meant for Exchange Server only, it binds to any SMTP server and filters before/after arrival of messages. It seems any Exchange Server specific anti-spam product is… Read more »

file_get_contents on IIS 6

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To all those (3 people) who need to use file_get_contents in PHP on IIS 6, you may notice it doesn’t work by default. To see if it works, place the following code into a file called test.php. <?php $content=file_get_contents("",FALSE,NULL,0,20); echo $content; ?> You should have the first 20 bytes of the google source code echoed… Read more »