Remove X-Powered-By: ASP.NET HTTP Response Header

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Quite a few people have asked how to remove the default HTTP Response Headers of IIS6 and IIS7. It’s very easy, actually. You can have some fun with it too (bottom). Remove, Edit or Add HTTP Response Headers in Windows 2003 IIS6 Open the IIS Management Console. Right-click on “Websites” and select “Properties.” Click on the “HTTP Headers”… Read more »

Block IP Addresses using IP Security Policy in Windows Server 2003

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Most System Administrators use a hardware firewall to block IP addresses from accessing their network. Co-located servers do not always have the advantage of utilizing a hardware firewall. Software firewalls can often be expensive. As you may already know, Windows 2003 lets administrators control IP access from the configuration panels in SMTP and IIS, among… Read more »

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Released and RTM Trial Available

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Well, it is here. Exchange 2010 has been released, and there is a 120-day trial available at Microsoft. Of course, if you have a technet subscription, you won’t need the trial. The trial is the final version (14.00.0639.021), released 11/09/09, while the Virtual HDD version is still the RC dated 10/12/09.

How do you solve simple computer issues?

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How do you solve simple computer issues? Hopefully not like I do. Do you start with the simplest solution first? Or do you start with the most likely solution? Suppose you return to your computer, open up Google and nothing displays. What do you do first? Do you: Check the router for status indicators and… Read more »