Determining your IT Consulting Fees

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With the slowing economy and layoffs in the IT sector, many unemployed or underemployed IT professionals will be thinking of entering the consulting field. The question is – how do you set your fees? I’ll explain one method of determining billable hours and fees. Determining Workable Hours First calculate your working hours in a year…. Read more »

Free way to block Facebook or other Websites?

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Not all companies have programs or licences for content filtering on their networks. It is arguably worth the $10-$60 per employee/year to licence a content filtering package in terms of increased productivity. What is difficult is selling the idea of spending a large chunk of money to management, especially in this economy. I would imagine a large… Read more »

IT Consulting Part 1: Questions to Ask Yourself

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Some might say the greatest requirement of being a consultant is knowledge. While that may be true, there are many other factors that determine a successful consultant from one that is not. Not all consultants choose this line of work for the same reason – some desire more money, some want flexible hours and some… Read more »

What Ruined the Internet?

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I’ve been around the Internet since long before the “Dot-Com Bubble,” when we had to get our MP3s from IRC and use Blade’s Encoder for the command line. Slashdot was just starting up, ICQ was the only instant messenger around, and Winamp really did whip the Llama’s ass. Those were the days…or were they? Some colleagues… Read more »

Delete Spam Comments in WordPress via MySQL

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When marking comments as “spam” in WordPress, it doesn’t actually remove them from the database. From my own experience, most WordPress installations have thousands of spam comments in their databases, taking up valuable space. In the wp_comments table the comment_approved column will show a value of “spam” on any comment marked as spam – and… Read more »