Are IT Admins Snoops?

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U.S. information security company Cyber-Ark surveyed 300 senior IT professionals, and found that one-third admitted to secretly snooping, while 47 percent said they had accessed information that was not relevant to their role. I’ll be honest…and I’m sure no one will believe me, but I have not snooped on anyone in my organization on purpose,… Read more »

Dell DAS MD1000 Benchmarks

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Here are the Dell MD1000 Direct Attached Storage Benchmarks I had promised earlier. The performance is great. I’m trying to squeeze some more MB/s out of the read performance. I’ve also included performance / disk. Looks as though 4x and 8x disks in RAID10 have the best performance per disk. All the disks are 73… Read more »

Dell PowerVault MD1000 Direct Attached Storage

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I purchased the Dell MD1000 15 disk Direct Attached Storage Array in November. The enclosure itself is a JBOD system (Just a Bunch of Disks) because the controller inside does not support RAID. The RAID functionality of the system is achieved through implementing a PERC 5/e or 6/e controller in the server itself. The MD1000… Read more »