Rules when dealing with the Corporate Nerd (IT/Sys Admin)

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Being a system administrator / electrical engineer / nerd, I get a number of people asking me computer and electronics related questions. Sometimes I don’t know the answer (gasp!). The person who asked the question is completely surprised, disappointed, and even resorts to responses such as “I thought you were smart” or “Aren’t you the… Read more »

MySQL has a sense of Humor (old)

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I was browsing around the MySQL bug section posting some bugs and looking for old ones that have been solved. I came across bug #2: Does not make Toast I guess it’s funny in that nerdy way. So this begs the question: When will computers control toasters and other kitchen appliances? There are fridges with… Read more »

Slimming down Windows XP Pro SP2 Install

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I recently picked up an Asus EEE PC (7″ screen, 900MHz Pentium M, 4GB SSD, 512 MB RAM, etc). It’s a welcome change from using my Treo 700w or my ThinkPad. It came with a custom version of Xandros that simply wasn’t up to the challenges of a system administrator – so I installed Windows… Read more »

Email Address Specifications

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I’ve been asked a few questions on email addresses and their limitations or recommended practices as a server administrator. I will outline a small bit of information in regards to valid email addresses, server types and spam evasion. The Internet Engineering Task Force RFC (Request for Comment) 2821 defines the local part of an SMTP… Read more »