Stop vBullet*n and WordPress Spam?

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This is not completely server related, so forgive me as I deviate. When I posted a certain tip on using vBullet*n and Photopo*t, I didn’t realize what sort of avalanche of comments I would get. I get a few spam comments for each post, but I have received over 1000 spam comments based solely on… Read more »

SSL Certificate Comparison

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While shopping around for SSL Certificates I decided to compile a short table to compare the various ones available. It is available below. They are all 128/256 bit encryption targeted for web applications. Provider Name Price/Year ($US) Accepted Browsers Validation Max. Reg. Years Assurance Warranty ($US) Comodo EnterpriseSSL Elite $139.00 Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera,… Read more »

Common TCP / UDP Ports List

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Here are a few TCP / UDP Ports you might come across. It is useful when applying TCP/IP Filtering to make sure all your services continue working Port Protocol Description 20 TCP FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – data port 21 TCP FTP – control (command) port 22 TCP SSH (Secure Shell) – used for secure… Read more »

Setting Processor Affinity Permanently

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The post below talks about processor affinity and setting IIS to use only one processor to increase stability of certain applications (PHP ISAPI anyone?). You can set the affinity by opening Task Manager and selecting w3svc.exe or inetinfo.exe on the Processes tab. Right click and choose Set Affinity. Uncheck the processors which should not execute… Read more »