Ridata announces three new “low-cost” SSDs

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Ridata announced three new SSDs today (Ultra-S Plus Series) in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models. The new drives utilize the multi-level cell technology – resulting in lower cost, but also slower speed. The drives will have a nominal read speed of 128MB/s and a write speed of 80MB/s. The drives will retail for $170, $295… Read more »

Dell DAS MD1000 Benchmarks

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Here are the Dell MD1000 Direct Attached Storage Benchmarks I had promised earlier. The performance is great. I’m trying to squeeze some more MB/s out of the read performance. I’ve also included performance / disk. Looks as though 4x and 8x disks in RAID10 have the best performance per disk. All the disks are 73… Read more »