MySQL Connection Response Slow on Windows 2008 / 2012

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One of the reasons why a PHP / MySQL combo seems so “slow” with regards to response times when moving from Windows 2003 (IIS6) to Windows 7/2008 (IIS7) / 2012 (IIS8), is the way many scripts connect to MySQL and having IPv6 enabled by default. Many server installations leave WordPress or other PHP script installs to default to “localhost”… Read more »

Converting MySQL tables from Latin1 to UTF8

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Many content management systems and forums were originally created using the latin1 character set and the latin1_swedish_ci collation in MySQL. The problem many of these systems are facing today is the growing demand for multi-language content using special characters that cannot be accurately represented in the latin1 character set. This is where utf8 comes in…. Read more »

Delete Spam Comments in WordPress via MySQL

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When marking comments as “spam” in WordPress, it doesn’t actually remove them from the database. From my own experience, most WordPress installations have thousands of spam comments in their databases, taking up valuable space. In the wp_comments table the comment_approved column will show a value of “spam” on any comment marked as spam – and… Read more »

WordPress Dynamic Replacement

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(Updated October 2012) WordPress has long had a feature that dynamically replaces standard characters with their more visually appealing (and perhaps more accurate) symbols. In some cases the formatting may not be desirable. Last year I wrote a few articles on Exchange Server errors. The errors typically follow the form of 0xNumber, ex. 0x8000000F. What… Read more »