1000000′s of Spam Comments

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A few weeks ago someone had asked to purchase iishacks.com from me.¬†When I¬†declined, he became quite irate. Granted the price was good, but money really doesn’t do it for me. After all, Sysadmins aren’t in it for the money… Immediately after I declined, I started getting hundreds of spam messages, then thousands, then millions. In… Read more »

Find Duplicate Records and the Number of Duplicates in SQL (MySQL)

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I have found the need to account for duplicates and the number of duplicates in many databases. I’ve come across many people who have a minimal understanding of SQL and create wild php scripts to find duplicates, when really all that is needed is a single SQL statement. select COLUMN, count(COLUMN) as cnt from TABLE… Read more »

MySQL has a sense of Humor (old)

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I was browsing around the MySQL bug section posting some bugs and looking for old ones that have been solved. I came across bug #2: Does not make Toast I guess it’s funny in that nerdy way. So this begs the question: When will computers control toasters and other kitchen appliances? There are fridges with… Read more »