Malwarebytes Atapi.sys and Registry False Positives

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Last night Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware program detected a false positive of the Atapi.sys driver and associated registry keys. As you may know, Atapi.sys is required by the storage system in Windows, and as such deleting it will render the system unbootable. If you have the reboot on error checked in your system properties, your system will… Read more »

Block IP Addresses using IP Security Policy in Windows Server 2003

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Most System Administrators use a hardware firewall to block IP addresses from accessing their network. Co-located servers do not always have the advantage of utilizing a hardware firewall. Software firewalls can often be expensive. As you may already know, Windows 2003 lets administrators control IP access from the configuration panels in SMTP and IIS, among… Read more »

Free way to block Facebook or other Websites?

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Not all companies have programs or licences for content filtering on their networks. It is arguably worth the $10-$60 per employee/year to licence a content filtering package in terms of increased productivity. What is difficult is selling the idea of spending a large chunk of money to management, especially in this economy. I would imagine a large… Read more »