Block IP Addresses using IP Security Policy in Windows Server 2003

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Most System Administrators use a hardware firewall to block IP addresses from accessing their network. Co-located servers do not always have the advantage of utilizing a hardware firewall. Software firewalls can often be expensive. As you may already know, Windows 2003 lets administrators control IP access from the configuration panels in SMTP and IIS, among… Read more »

How to Secure Erase (reset) an Intel Solid State Drive (SSD)

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By now many have heard about the performance degredation found in Intel SSDs due to the write/rewrite commands. Although they remain incredibly fast, there are some instances where you may wish to “reset” the drive or at least secure erase the drive for a second sale or install in a different computer or server. An… Read more »

Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7

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Modifying the User Account Options in Windows 7 is slightly different than in Windows Vista. The default UAC prompts in Windows 7 are, in my opinion, sufficient for the average user. There are instances when a user would want to disable UAC or a Network Admin would want to disable UAC on all computers via… Read more »