Fixing an SSD Freezing on Windows 7

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I recently installed a new Intel 520 series SSD in my Thinkpad W520. I didn’t notice any issues for the first few weeks until I started running 2 virtual machines at once. There was a stuttering (or freezing) every 60-90 seconds for about 10 seconds. Taking a look at Perfmon, I found the Disk Queue… Read more »

Windows 7 Desktop Icons and Shortcuts Disappearing

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So your desktop shortcuts are missing? If they are all missing, chances are they might have been deleted or somehow, either you or a program, has disabled desktop icons. See Method 1 below. If some of your icons look funny, are missing thumbnails, or the desktop doesn’t “refresh” when you’ve placed new items on it,… Read more »

Reduce Windows 7 WinSxS Folder Size

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With Windows Vista, the WinSxS folder was able to be cleaned up via a third party tool (WinSxS Lite here – Vista only!). With the initial release of Windows 7, we lost that capability – but it has since returned with Service Pack 1. The WinSxS folder is used to store install and uninstall files,… Read more »

Add Defragment to the Shell menu in Windows 7 / Vista

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I find adding common tasks to the shell menu a great timesaver when I am running between stations. It is also easier to direct users to simply “right-click” on something rather than walk them through a maze of menus…or even have them find the “run” box. Click Start -> type “regedit” in the Search command… Read more »

CHM / HTML Help feature cannot be displayed in some programs

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Although this particular problem has been around for some time, I am surprised at how many times I am asked about the solution. Many programs use an HTML help system that requires Internet Explorer and ActiveX to run (CHM – Compiled HTML Help). After security updates 896358 and 890175, some HTML content outside of the “local… Read more »